Numerology Training FAQ

Q: What is Numerology? 

A: Numerology is the study of the numbers and how they relate to certain characteristics, abilities, talents and tendencies of a person. Numbers help define life purpose and play a significant role within the cosmic realm. Our universe has order, and we use numbers to organize it.

Q: What can I learn about myself/others through Numerology?

A: The amount of knowledge that you can gain about yourself and others through numerology is endless.  Some of the main focal points that interest people in regards to numerology include discovering talents, motivations and life purpose. Numerology helps determine how to make the most accurate decisions with regard to life-changing events such as marriage, career change, health, investments, etc. You will learn about the following:

Life path number

Expression number

Soul urge number

Birthday number

Core numbers


Karmic lessons

Karmic debts

Master numbers


Challenge number

Growth number

Maturity number

Converting letters to numbers

Converting months to numbers

And much more!

Q: Is Numerology based solely on my date of birth?

A: While your date of birth does play a role in determining your path in life, other factors like your birth name serve as a large contribution as well. There are a lot of things you can explore using your birth name and a combination of your birthday and birth name.

Q: If someone shares the same date of birth as me, does that mean we have similar destinies?

A: People who share the same date of birth will have the same life path number, but everyone’s destiny is different. Your birthday influences 50% of your core numbers. There are many more numbers that are determined based on your name.

Q: How does Numerology differ from Astrology? 

A: Both studies are centered on learning more about one's role in life. Astrology focuses more on the meaning behind each sign of the zodiac and how it influences personality. Numerology helps people gain insight on their past, present, future, and temperament in regards to various numbers. Numerology uses the birth date and birth name to analyze an individual person and to compare people.

Q: What qualifies Steve G. Jones to be a Numerologist?  

A: Steve G. Jones has been studying Numerology for over 20 years. He first developed a passion for it in his teenage years and he has gained a wealth of knowledge ever since.  He has successfully helped others achieve positive lasting change in life through the use of a unique blend of Cognitive Psychology, Neuro Linguistic Programming, Hypnosis and Numerology.

Q: What exactly do I get with this program? 

A: This program consists of 30 segmented learning modules (approximately 10 hours) of video designed to give you a comprehensive understanding of how Numerology works.  The program also comes with an ebook designed to help you understand the numeric formulas and mathematics involved. The manual comes with forms to help you explore your numbers or the numbers of others.

Q: What makes this program different from other Numerology programs? 

A: This is the first program in the history of Numerology that has ever been created in video format.  Such a format will enhance the level at which you learn because you will be seeing and hearing the information delivered as if you were in a classroom with a personal instructor.

Q: What kind of knowledge will I gain from this program? 

A: In our Basic Numerology Program, you will gain an in-depth knowledge on many aspects of Numerology including the meaning behind each number and letter, how the numbers are populated, how letters are converted into numbers, name analysis, core numbers, intensity points, temperament analysis and karmic debt among other things. You will be able to not only perform a numerology analysis on yourself, but also on anyone else in the world. You will even discover whether or not you will get along with others, simply by knowing their birth name.

Q: How many modules are in this program? 

A: The program consists of 30 segmented learning modules. Each module is approximately 20 minutes.

Q: Is the entire program in video format? 

A: Yes, the entire program is in video format and was shot under the direction of a professional film crew.

Q: Will this program enable me to become a certified Numerologist?  

A: No, this program will provide you with a comprehensive understanding of Basic Numerology.  However, we plan on having a certification program on Numerology in the future. It will require understanding at both a basic and advanced level.

Q: How long with it take me to learn everything covered in the program? 

A: While everyone learns at a different pace, the program was developed with the intention to have you master all aspects of Numerology in just three weeks.  We believe that such a rapid learning pace could only be achieved by delivering the program in video format.